The Caribbean Summer Scholars Program Inc

The Caribbean Summer Scholars Program is the first and only program of its kind in the Caribbean, designed to match talented high school students with current doctoral students in the US, UK, or Canada. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to take courses and work on individual and group projects, learning new technical skills, becoming exposed to modern careers, and gaining insight into the frontier of research.

We are deeply grateful for all donations, no matter how small, to support the incredible work of the many talented high school students and the selfless PhD students who guide them. Your generous contributions ensure that all qualified high school students can participate in CSSP 2023 at no cost. Donations will cover the expenses for excursions, materials, and access to test or college prep resources, classes, research competitions, and the general operations of the Non-Profit, making this transformative experience accessible to all.

There are many problems associated with access to college education, including inequities that hinder access and opportunity. Our program is designed to address these issues head-on. The Caribbean Summer Scholars Program (CSSP) empowers students to compete on the global stage by recruiting top talent from across the Caribbean and nurturing the next generation of thinkers. By providing early exposure to cutting-edge research and careers at the forefront of innovation and knowledge across all disciplines, we ensure our students are well-prepared for the future. We believe in STEAM education - that true academic excellence is at the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Through your support, we can bridge the gap and create opportunities for these bright young minds, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

What Your Funding Supports

Your donation will directly support the following initiatives:

Operations of CSSP: Donations will contribute to the operational expenses of CSSP, including: