Payment and Packages

We are committed to providing affordable access to world class graduate school advising. 



2024 - 2025

VALUE : USD $499

Our BASIC package is ideal for students who are fairly familiar with the application process to US/UK/European/Australian universities.  

Clients who opt for this package only require assistance with the major parts of the application. 

It includes a session to review and update your CV, a session to review and give feedback on one of your statements (Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement, Diversity Statement) and a session to build your ideal list of schools (not programs/degrees). 

VALUE : USD $999

This package is a more personalized version of the BASIC package. In addition to the offerings of the BASIC package, BASIC+ subscribers have twice as many sessions for statements (up to 2 essays), and building a list of universities perfect for YOU. 

Notably, this package includes an Initial Strategy Consultation to strategize the best route to maximizing your university admissions. 

It also includes a Final Strategy Consultation to review your your ENTIRE application before submitting. 

VALUE : USD $1699

Our Premium package is the industry standard for clients applying to graduate school. It includes unlimited sessions to review the major components of your application.  PREMIUM subscribers can schedule a meeting at any time with their assigned consultant to discuss any part of the application described above. Once you are admitted to schools, we prep you for the interview process as well.

It also includes access to external scholarship advising and mock interview prep.

Unlimited Consultations are limited to the review of the CV/resume, SOP,  Personal Statement, and optional additional essays.

Premium subscribers receive a USD $99 credit if they also sign up for our 3 month test prep package (GRE / GMAT / LSAT / MCAT).  Conditions apply. Additional Fees apply for MBA and Law school application support.

VALUE : USD $1999

This is our most popular, FULL service package. It is extremely personalized. You are assigned a personal consultant who is on call to guide you through the application process from start to finish. 

We offer guidance on ALL moving parts of the application (Anything you can think of). Notably, we have trained professionals review your writing supplements, improve the signalling power of your recommendation letters (Caribbean students), help you secure fee waivers, and match you with an industry professional to offer career advice. 

Premium subscribers receive a USD $149 credit if they also sign up for one of our 3 month test prep packages). Conditions apply. Additional Fees apply for MBA and Law school application support.

VALUE : USD $2499

Our "In A Rush" package is tailor-made for students who embark on the graduate school application journey later in the season, typically signing up after September has already begun. Crafting a compelling graduate school application is a meticulous process that demands time and dedication. We understand that latecomers may have unique needs, so we assess each late sign-up individually to determine the level of attention required. 


Based on their specific circumstances, some applicants will be recommended to opt for the In A Rush package, ensuring they receive the support necessary to succeed. For others, a 20% late sign-up fee may apply to account for the additional time and effort invested in assisting late sign-ups. Regardless of when you start, our goal remains the same: to help you achieve your academic aspirations.

VALUE : USD $499

Our Undergraduate Advising Package is designed for early-year college students aspiring to pursue graduate studies. We focus on strategizing to maximize undergraduate years, setting students up for success in future graduate school applications. 

Package Includes:

Career Clarity: Help students identify career paths aligned with their strengths, interests, and academic profile. Provide guidance on the best path to reach those career goals through graduate school and further education.

Optimal Course Selection: Guidance on selecting courses aligned with academic interests and future career aspirations.

Project Direction: Strategize on initiating and executing personal and course projects that enhance skills and demonstrate passion in chosen field.

Undergraduate Thesis and Research Direction: Assistance in identifying and applying for undergraduate research opportunities relevant to academic interests.

Please note that the above packages do not include test preparation services or materials for the GRE, GMAT or LSAT. Please continue below to review our test prep packages.

Our cost of service is up to 50% lower than our local competitors. AND we offer significantly more services.




Overview : Our standard courses for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT are 3 months. However, we do allow students to participate in the course for one-month increments.  

What it includes : 

MOCK EXAM : Can be taken online at any time and perfectly mirrors the actual test (8+).

Office Hour : Weekly office hour for each section. Office hours are included in the 3 - month course. However, students not a part of the 3-month course can sign up for an office hour session. During office hours, students can drop in and ask questions of any of our instructors.

YOUR CLASSMATES : Your peers will be a mix of final year undergraduate students, working professionals, and masters students. We have had students so far from Jamaica, St. Lucia, China, and the USA. 

TEST REGISTRATION : We guide students on how to register for the exam and how to best to choos between exams. The cost of test prep does not include the registration fee for the exam.